Fabric curtains ALLUSION - Future curtain trend


Allusion blinds is a new type of curtain with unique and modern design, not yet widely popular in Vietnam but gradually attracting the attention of interior decoration enthusiasts. With soft and flexible fabric slats, Allusion curtains not only bring exquisite beauty but also provide flexibility in controlling light and ensuring privacy for living spaces.

1. Operation 

The Allusion curtain provides maximum flexibility in adjusting light and privacy. Combining thin and thick patterned fabrics, the Allusion curtain will particularly shine in large windows, folding doors, and patio windows. 

Combining the delicacy of voile fabric and the flexibility of vertically rotating lamellas, the Allusion curtain looks incredibly impressive and offers numerous options for light and privacy control. 

With the fabric vanes opened during the day, you can easily admire the surrounding landscape while indoors. When the curtain is closed in the evening, you can enjoy complete privacy, warmth, and security.

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2. The Distinctiveness of Allusion Curtains

You can have a full view of the outside landscape by sliding the fabric panels to one side, allowing you to enjoy the scenery outside most clearly. Alternatively, you can rotate the lamellas entirely for absolute privacy and light blockage. 

Moreover, all Glory curtains ensure child safety, and the Allusion curtain is a prime example of this. It comes with wand controls or can be automated, providing you with peace of mind and posing no danger to children when in use.

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Rèm khi đóng

3. Tips

Explore the beauty of living spaces by incorporating bright colors into your interior decor. Create focal points with vibrant hues that will make the space more lively and sophisticated. An effective suggestion is to combine bright colors with white elements, keeping your home space vibrant and modern. Not only does this create a harmonious balance of colors, but it also enhances the natural beauty of each color and creates a comfortable and refreshing living space.

The Allusion Curtains Allusion Curtains are the top choice for a modern style and a contemporary feel, along with absolute flexibility for your living or working space.

The Vista fire-retardant product line makes Allusion curtains ideal for commercial environments and can accommodate widths up to 5 meters with extended hanging capabilities. Allusion curtains are highly versatile, serving not only as elegant window coverings but also as ideal choices for room dividers, perfect for hotel lobbies, restaurants, or any other large spaces.

Although not yet widespread in Vietnam, Allusion blinds are gradually becoming a new trend in interior decoration thanks to their outstanding design and features. If you want to create a unique and modern impression for your home, Allusion blinds are definitely a perfect choice. Contact GLORY now for advice and more information about this product line.

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