Vertical blinds

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Vertical blinds, also known as vertical shades, are created from vertical fabric slats with widths of 8, 9cm, 10cm, and 12.7cm, designed to hang and move using an aluminum rail. The fabric slats are arranged vertically, from the top of the window or door panel.

The difference of vertical blinds lies in their vertical orientation.

Vertical blinds consist of a row of evenly spaced vertical slats, with the top and bottom edges fixed in place. The slats can be tilted along the vertical axis to control the amount of light entering the room according to preference.

For vertical blinds, the weight of the blinds is distributed more evenly compared to other types of blinds that are fixed at one end and rolled up.

With its multifunctional design, vertical blinds are a useful, beautiful, and modern choice. Additionally, the relatively competitive cost of vertical blinds makes it understandable why they have become a favored option for both homes and offices.

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Vertical blinds
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Vertical blinds

Here are some ways to maintain curtains:

On vertical blind slats, dust doesn't accumulate as much as it does on horizontal blinds, making them very easy to clean. You can use a damp cloth to carefully wipe each slat, or you can also clean them with a vacuum cleaner. In case they get damaged, individual blind panels can be easily replaced.

If you need to replace your blinds at any time, contact Glory Furnishings immediately by calling the hotline or clicking a button!

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Vertical blinds