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Fabric curtains play a particularly important role in interior decoration and are useful for both living and working spaces. Fabric curtains help block direct sunlight into the house, insulate heat, and block wind.

Useful features of fabric curtains include:

The biggest advantage of fabric curtains is their ease of cleaning, easy installation, rich variety of colors and styles, suitable for many interior styles. You can choose materials, arrangements, and designs to match each room of yours.

Most fabric curtains provide sun protection, but the degree of sunlight reflection and heat insulation varies. Fabric curtains are suitable for installation in living rooms, dining rooms, or bedrooms.

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Fabric curtains are suitable for various spaces, including:

  • If you're looking for fabric curtains with 100% heat and light blocking capabilities, then opt for blackout fabric curtains. When pulled, blackout fabric curtains completely block out light in the room, making them suitable for installation in living rooms or bedrooms.
  • Usually, when installing blackout fabric curtains, it's recommended to also install sheer curtains (essentially two layers of curtains). This allows you to let light into the room while still maintaining privacy and blocking outside views by pulling the sheer curtains closed. Sheer curtains also add a touch of elegance and romance to your room.

Some types of fabric curtains

1/ Pleated fabric curtains

Used for fabric curtains made in a pleated style, creating a gathered curtain with pleated fabric folds, similar to eyelet curtains, and suitable for smaller curtain rods.

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2/ Positioning curtains

They are generally designed with curtain waves (positioning waves) running straight from the top of the fixed rail down to the bottom of the curtain. These curtain waves are typically positioned by sliding hanging beads on the fixed rail.

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màn định vị

3/ Curtain with eyelets 

Metal or plastic eyelets are securely fixed to the fabric at regular intervals, creating soft, evenly spaced waves for the curtain panel.

The distance between the eyelets ranges from 10 to 16cm, and the standard curtain fullness is 2.5 times.

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xỏ khoen

4/ Pleated voile curtains

At the top of the curtain, the pleats are folded like butterfly wings. Each pleat serves as a hook for the curtain, and this curtain style often requires a sliding rail curtain rod. The fabric used is usually voile fabric or soft fabric for a beautiful and draped appearance.

Pleats are typically either 2 or 3 pleats wide. Pleated curtain styles can use either a sliding rail or a round rod with rings for hanging.

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