Roller blinds

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Why choose a roll-up screen?

The roll-up screen features a simple and flexible design, suitable for various types of windows and different interior spaces. For large offices with multiple windows, installing roll-up screens for each window is the optimal choice.

Roll-up screens allow for easy adjustment of the amount of light entering your home or room, effectively blocking or limiting outside views, providing you with comfort, privacy, and peace of mind. Moreover, roll-up screens also serve as an important decorative element in your living space.

Sunshade roll-up screen
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How do roll-up screens work?

Through a pulley system: A set of pull cords is attached vertically along the sides of the roll-up screen. You can easily pull the cords to adjust the screen's rolling up and down as desired.

Or through a motorized system: The roll-up screen is connected to an electric motor, allowing you to simply press an electric switch or use a remote control to automatically control the screen rolling up and down, conveniently without exerting physical effort. Especially, this motor can be integrated into your smart home operation system (if available).

Types of roller blinds nowadays


  • Sunshade roll-up screenSunshade roll-up screens are commonly used in office spaces, bedrooms, or small living rooms because they have the ability to block sunlight and glare up to 100%.



  • Mesh roll-up screensThese are often used in open spaces like showrooms or cafes due to their aesthetic appeal and softness, with the ability to block light and heat by 70%-80%. If you want better heat insulation, you should consider using mesh roll-up screens with an additional layer of silver coating on the back.




  • Printed roll-up screensMesh roll-up screens are smooth roll-up screens printed with patterns, colors, etc., resembling artwork. If you want a product that serves both as a light blocker and a decorative element for your space, this is an impressive option worth considering.
Sunshade roll-up screen
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Printed roll-up screens