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The diversity of wallpaper creates a beautiful and rich living space.

When bored with plain walls and monotonous paint colors, Vietnamese people are increasingly turning to unique and impressive wallpaper designs. With hundreds of patterns, motifs, and different color schemes, wallpaper offers diversity and choices for every decorating style.

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Giấy dán tường họa tiết
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Wall covering

How is wallpaper convenient?

Wallpaper can completely transform the appearance of a room by choosing a design that suits the design style and personal preferences. In case the walls have flaws such as cracks, mold, or unsightly surfaces, you can choose a wallpaper pattern or color to cover up the flaws and create a fresh wall surface.

Additionally, in the production of wallpaper, environmentally friendly and sustainable materials such as palm trees, recycled wood pulp, or non-toxic inks are often used. Despite its numerous useful purposes, wallpaper still has a typical drawback: it can be difficult to remove. In the event of wanting to change the decor, removing wallpaper can be challenging and may leave dirt on the wall surface.

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Wall covering

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