Zebra blinds

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Zebra blinds are an essential element in modern interior decoration, symbolizing brightness and happiness. With vibrant colors and meaningful rainbow imagery, this product not only beautifies the room but also creates a cheerful and optimistic living space.

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Zebra blinds
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Zebra blinds
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Zebra blinds

Structure of Rainbow Blinds

Rainbow blinds have a special structure consisting of a layer of fabric followed by a transparent mesh layer, intertwined evenly, connecting to each other like a rainbow strip.

Rainbow blinds operate similarly to roller blinds, with good light-blocking and sun-shielding capabilities of up to 95%, providing you with privacy by limiting the view from the outside and creatively controlling sunlight through its unique design.

Rainbow blinds are typically suitable for installation on small door frames or windows.

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Advantages and disadvantages of rainbow curtains


  1. Modern design: Korean rainbow curtains bear a strong modern imprint with the use of interwoven fabric layers, creating a spacious and sophisticated feel.
  2. Premium material: Utilizing high-quality polyester material, rainbow curtains not only effectively block heat but also limit ultraviolet rays, providing a comfortable and pleasant sensation.
  3. Good light and thermal insulation : The special design of rainbow curtains allows for 100% light penetration when needed and excellent thermal insulation, keeping the room cool in summer and warm in winter.
  4. Variety of colors: With a range of subtle and neutral hues, zebra curtains suit various spaces and decorating styles.
  5. Suitable for any space: Zebra curtains can be used in many different spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, or offices, creating unique focal points and airy environments.
  6. Compact size: Zebra curtains are designed to be compact, easy to transport, and install, providing convenience for users.
  7. Easy operation: With a system of pull cords or automatic mechanisms, rainbow curtains can be operated easily and conveniently.
  8. Easy to clean and durable: The polyester material makes cleaning rainbow curtains easy, while also providing durability with a lifespan of 5 to 10 years.


  1. Suitable for small spaces: Zebra curtains are suitable for smaller areas but may not be suitable for larger spaces such as villas or luxury apartments.
  2. High cost: Due to their premium and modern features, rainbow curtains come with a higher price tag compared to some other types of curtains, which may not fit every budget.

Guide to using rainbow curtains

Zebra curtains not only enhance the beauty of living spaces but also provide convenience in usage. Below are instructions for using zebra curtains easily and effectively:

Manual operation:

For small or medium-sized sets of rainbow curtains, you can easily pull the curtains manually.

Automatic motor:

For large sets of rainbow curtains or those installed in hard-to-reach locations, use an automatic motor. The automatic motor allows you to control the curtains easily through a remote control, smartphone, or the smart system of your home.

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