Window Treatments for Complicated Doors

Window Treatments for Complicated Doors

 Window Treatments for Complicated Doors

Just like windows, doors with views to the outside world need to be dressed. But they can be tricky because doors — whether they’re sliding or French — are functional parts of the room, and the wrong window treatment can hold up traffic. These rooms show you how to dress your windows stylishly while keeping function at the forefront.


Elegant Impact

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With high ceilings and well-designed molding, this bedroom called for equally intense window treatments. Curtains topped with box pleat valances trim individual windows and the bay. For stability, and to maintain the restful palette, the designer repeated the soft fabrics used on bed linens. Not only does a pelmet-curtains combination add impression, pelmets are ideal for covering working parts.

Extra Embellishment

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Crisp Roman shades cover French doors in this sunny corner. To add a little flair to plain white fabric, a ribbon of blue trim runs a vertical path down each side, tying the window treatment with the chair upholstery. Grosgrain ribbon applied with a hot-glue gun is an easy no-sew different for do-it-yourselfers.

Wide-ranging Open

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In this living area, French doors open to an outdoor living space, expanding the entertaining area for guests or parties. To keep the flow between spaces open, the rod extends beyond the door frame, offering a place for curtains to break against the wall and out of the way. For a more warm setting, curtains visually close the space at the room’s outside wall.

Smart Repetition

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The same floral print repeats in the tufted headboard, bedskirt, and curtains, bringing a united look to this comfortable bedroom. Using the same design treatment,showcase rods hung at ceiling height and panels that extend to the floor. On both windows and doors, the rod extends past the trim molding so curtains can fall to the side, allowing for both natural light and ease of access.

Industrial Edge

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Custom-width French doors crafted from steel give industrial style to this transitional living room. Playing off the dark frame, a steel rod fastened in the ceiling runs along the area of the doors. Dark brown draperies mesh with the metal finish.

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