Window Treatments for Complicated Doors

Window Treatments for Complicated Doors


Just like windows, doors with views to the outside world need to be dressed. But they can be difficult because doors — whether they’re sliding or French — are functional parts of the room, and the wrong window treatment can hold up traffic. These rooms show you how to dress your windows stylishly while keeping function at the forefront.


Layered Treatments

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Both purposeful and pretty, two pairs of panels dress the French doors in this dining area. The rod closest to the window supports a transparent floral print — perfect for letting in light and gaining privacy when pulled closed. The outer drapery, a solid blush color, works to frame the floral fabric, adding even more softness to the feminine space.

Triple Play

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A walkway of windows makes a remarkable focal point in this living area. Draperies are hung from a track at ceiling height to put up the curved doorways. Divided into four separate panels, the window treatments easily slide to cover doors individually or as a singular wall unit.

White Out

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The pair of French doors in this bedroom opens onto a deck. A single rod hangs across the opening of both doors so draperies don’t block door usage, and the panels are wide enough to sufficiently cover doors when closed. Because of the beachfront location, it’s a good idea to choose a heavy fabric (or line the treatments) to block early-morning light.

Different Treatment

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With a set of French doors and a multitude of windows, this sun room showcases well-ordered louver blinds that close easily or pull up and down for light preference. Different the off-white walls and grooved wood ceiling, the stained wood finish adds visual interest. 

Connected Dots

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Joining windows and French doors, the same soft blue dotted fabric is used for all window treatments. On windows, drapery panels hang from rings. But because of the heavy molding above the door, there’s no good place to hang a rod. The solution? Roman shades.

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