About Roller Blinds

  • Roller blinds are a top quality choice for window covering and are perhaps the most well-known type of blind.
  • that’s why at GLORY we have an large in amount range to choose from.
  • Roller blinds with simple design, modern style.
  • Sporting a slim, small profile and finished for clean styling and neutral color.
  • GLORY ® most trusted source for quality.
  • Roller Blinds become more popular day by day.
  • Made any residential or commercial interior discreetly and elegant.
  • Suitable for building, office or even bedroom.
  • Excellent range including PVC waterproof, sunscreen and blackout blinds.


  • Created by the scroll bar and shield cloth (operation as roller door).
  • Enable rolling up or striping down for covering all or a part of window.
  • Full sunlight resistance: fabrics, hi-flex canvas, smooth thin velvet.
  • Haft sunlight resistance: material or thin mesh.
  • All our Blinds are now available as “electric” blinds.
  • The “motorized” control option select whether you want “wand” or “remote control”.




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