Lantex blinds

Lantex blinds


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  • Lantex blinds integrates a great combination of advanced technology and craft techniques with a British style fashion design.
  • Fabric Blinds selling in Singapore over 10 years.
  • Now GLORY ® expanding Lantex Fabric Blinds into the Viet Nam by offers several colors and custom designs.
  • And offers quality products and delivers excellent customer. Make it become the best product demand in window coverings.
  • Lantex Fabric Blinds patented protective coating allows UV protection and stain resistance.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to install making them the perfect choice for any consumer.


  • Water repellent , anti-static and dust proof.
  • High flexibility, curve-sustained and anti-scratch.
  • Lantex Fabric Blinds prevent heat from escaping in the winter and block heat from entering your home in the summer.
  • Keeping you at a comfortable temperature all year round.
  • Fabric Blinds provide an efficient filtration system of UV light.
  • Energy saving & environmental friendly.
  • Light- weighted frame & slat.
  • This has combined ascending & descending & tilting into one single function.
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