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We set out the information on the curtains decorative products; and aspects related to the trend today decorative curtains, material, technical and professional.

We are willing to create a luxurious style, elegant work environment as well as the customer’s house.

In the current era, I am very knowledgeable of the customer requirements for quality products and service quality. Therefore, we constantly improve the service attitude, and product quality in order to express our gratitude to the support of clients for us.

Decorative curtains Company Dai Hoang Vuong was established 7 years. The new office and showroom of the company is located in Tran Xuan Soan, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.

Dai Hoang Vuong is a domestic company is managed and foreign technical consultants. Professional company on the work of promoting smart display products and production, and consumption.

We can say, with the ongoing efforts in the work of promoting smart curtains, Dai Hoang Vuong is a professional company in the synthetic curtains intelligent, influential and greater competitiveness in Vietnam market today. See more

With aspirations and mission of the pioneer in the business of curtains will provide to customers the best products

– Our Commitment –

Enthusiastic service attitude best

Professional expert advice best

Management of the best quality

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