About Bamboo blinds

The term bamboo blinds or woven woods can actually refer to two different types of blinds.

Today, many oriental blind factories are making 2 inch Venetian style wovens with wooden slats.

These would be the first of the two types and the more literal connotation for these.

Woven wood shades, often called bamboo shades or matchstick shades.

Offer an exotic, natural look and are a great way to add textured, casual good looks to almost any decor.

Glory Curtain and Blinds offers a great selection of discount woven wood shades.

In a wide variety of materials like bamboo, grasses, reeds, matchsticks and wood planks.

From Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and Korea as well as our own signature line.

Buying woven wood shades and bamboo shades online is easy and saves you money.

Style, class, quality and performance are the main words to describe our line of bamboo woven blinds.

They are the excellent choice for those who are looking to complete the look of their homes.

Combining a classic design with style.

These window treatments are the way to go whether you want to cover the windows of your room.

Or complete the look of a more classic decor.

The beautiful wood essences create a warm, homey look to your room.

These window coverings are the perfect option for those who want to combine beauty and functionality.

The bamboo blinds can be custom made, so that you are sure to get the right fit for any type of window.

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